Sigtrans IP

Telkom Sigtrans IP, Best Solution Global Roaming and SMS Service

OverviewSigtrans IP is an IP-based link signaling solution that provides high availability and flexible scalability and is suitable for global communications

Signaling Gateaway With More Advanced Technology

A next-level Link Signaling, that supports domestic operators to give a best global roaming and SMS services. Moreover Sigtrans IP provides more flexibility and benefits.

Sigtrans IP Features

  1. Secure connection using VPN Services for intercity link
  2. Get more billing options using GT (Global Title) or OA (Originating Address)

Benefits of Sigtrans IP

  1. You can conveniently add or reduce bandwidth capacity to your needs
  2. High availability. You can find the network anywhere as it's supported by Telkom Metro infrastructure
  3. Better scalability, as our network is highly responsive to suit your data activities"

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