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OverviewSolutions for your on-premise call centers using SIP Trunking platform
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About SIP Trunking Domestic

IP Telephony for Local Call Centers

Provide for local call centers platform through IP Telephony using our SIP Trunking services. For this service, license are regulated by Indonesian Government 

IP Telephony Features

  1. Local Area Number allocation based on Premise Location
  2. Accomodates up to 6 IP addresses
  3. Three Operation Mode (IC Only, OG Only, Both way)
  4. Flexible Call Routing for > 1 Trunk
  5. Flexible codec
  6. Service node throughout Indonesia

IP Telephony Benefits

  1. High Availability
  2. Covers all Areas in Indonesia
  3. Flexible Capacity (Small & Large)
  4. Guaranteed Security
  5. High Flexibility
  6. Connected to PSTN & all operators

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