SIP Trunking ITKP

SIP Trunking ITKP (170XY) Platform Solutions for Public Services

OverviewThe solution for your on-premise ITKP uses the SIP Trunking ITKP (170XY) platform. The IP Telephony platform for public services can support the growth of your Voice business with customized services.
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About SIP Trunking ITKP (170XY)

This product can accommodate domestic interconnections via direct/transit voice services, international voice services, as well as call center providers.


Features SIP Trunking ITKP (170XY)

  • Local Area Number allocation based on Premise Location
  • Accomodates up to 6 IP addresses 
  • Three Operation Mode (IC Only, OG Only, Both way)
  • Flexible Call Routing for > 1 Trunk
  • Flexible codec

Benefit of SIP Trunking ITKP (170XY)

  1. High Availability
  2. Covers all Areas in Indonesia
  3. Flexible Capacity (Small & Large)
  4. Guaranteed Security
  5. High Flexibility

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