Big Capacity Leased Line Using SL WDM Technology

OverviewConnect with our Leased Line via Wavelength Division Multiplexing (SL WDM) technology that has dedicated links for businesses with bigger bandwidth capacity needs

Leased Line Using SL WDM Technology

SL WDM is a private telecommunication circuit using combined optical signals onto a single optical fiber by using different wavelengths. You can use it to carry more data up to 2500 km with flexibility, simplicity, and a more secured network.


Features of SL WDM

  • Protected with backbone network (using the multi-route connection between POP) and also access network secure (Dual homing)
  • You can also opt for the unprotected with backbone network unprotected (single route connection between POP) and access network standard (single link)

Benefits of SL WDM

  • Connecting 2 telco network points with long-distance and bigger bandwidth capacity
  • Transparent protocol; it doesn't depend on the protocol to be transmitted
  • Offers a high option of SLGs
  • Flexible protection options (protected or unprotected)

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