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OverviewWe are a provider for SMS A2P. A convenient and flexible tool, and very efficient practice widely used in a professional environment through one application
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Cost-Effective SMS A2P Domestic In Indonesia

Change your business strategy to maintain your domestic customer relationships by bringing easier process of sending mobile messages. Be agile to blast the information of your digital advertisement, and give your customers the latest updates and notifications. You can also send OTP to increase security and conduct surveys quickly in just one application.

With us as your SMS A2P provider, now you can distribute your SMS traffic to other entities that are connected with Telkom’s SMS Hubber, and get the traffic data that has been passed through SMS Hubber along with the billing data. Also get the information on performance reports of SMS traffic in near real-time, through a web which is more user friendly and easily accessible using the internet network.

Benefits of SMS A2P Domestic

  1. Interoperable across device and mobile operator networks
  2. Speeds up time to market
  3. Flexibility to reach one or more customers
  4. More effective than email as 95% of all SMS are open and read within 3 minutes, and SMS open rates are almost 5 times bigger than emails
  5. Allows for personalization as businesses can give consumers short, personalized, and tailored experience

Use Case of SMSA2P


Two-factor Authentication

Also known as the One Time Password, this feature is needed to increase security when user logs into an account or needs to make a transaction.



From ticket reservations to latest webinar reminders, do it professionally and reliably using masked SMS with your company displayed as the sender.



With SMS, you can provide informations related to various updates that occur to your services, including bill updates to service installation updates.



Customers will be very comfortable if they can get confirmation for every transaction made, and this is where SMS answers the function very quickly.



Don’t make your customers wait and wonder too long when their item arrived. Using SMS, now you can always tell when their package will be del



As security threats increased, customers want their privacy keep maintained. With A2P SMS, you can send automatic alerts in case of unusual activity.

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