SMS A2P International

Advertise to an International Audience with A2P SMS Solution 

OverviewWith International's Application to Person Messaging solution, your business can reach more new customers and retain existing ones around the world through the TELKOM network
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Reach Your Customers With Our SMS A2P International Solution

With SMS A2P International, you can send your messages globally in a large volume or personalized, using STPNG TELKOM for better reliability, flexibility, and efficiency.

Benefits of SMS A2P International

  1. Reach one or more customers, all together at the same time
  2. More effective than email with near 5 times better open rates
  3. Give your consumers a short tailored experience through text
  4. Connect international SMS traffic to other entities using Telkom's SMS Hubber
  5. Get SMS traffic data that is passed by Telkom's SMS Hubber
  6. Get billing data of SMS transactions based on your preference
  7. Get near real-time SMS traffic performance reports via the web anywhere anytime using the graphic form

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