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Channel SMS Traffic with SMS P2P Domestic Hubbing

OverviewUsing our network hub, we help you to be efficiently connected using our SMS Person to Person messaging (SMS P2P) seamlessly, to make your business keep on progressing.
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Manage Your SMS Traffic With P2P Domestic In a Click Away

Using Cross Operator SMS Hubber, we link domestic operators' network with STPNG TELKOM. It provides a complete SMS P2P managing service that covers channeling, recording, billing, and reporting business progress.

SMS P2P Domestic Benefits

  1. You can channel international SMS traffic to other entities connected to Telkom's SMS Hubber
  2. Get SMS traffic data that is passed by Telkom's SMS Hubber
  3. Get billing data of SMS transactions based on your preference
  4. Get near real-time SMS traffic performance reports via the web anywhere anytime using the graphic form
  5. Speed up the time to market
  6. Simple direct settlement with TELKOM

SMS P2P Domestic Features

Interconnection with any new operator and running end-to-end testing

Pay-per-use business model (no monthly fees, no additional costs).

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