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SMS Hubbing for International Operators

OverviewTelkom's P2P International SMS allows you to send overseas SMS easily and economically.
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About SMS P2P International

An international P2P SMS traffic management service.

International P2P SMS service is an international P2P SMS traffic management service, which is between International Operators network and Domestic Operators network through STPNG TELKOM which includes channeling, recording, billing, reporting.


About SMS P2P International

1. Billing transparency

Customers get billing data both as rights and obligations of SMS transactions.

2. Ensure real-time SMS delivery

Customers get real-time SMS traffic performance report information via the web, which is more user-friendly.

3. Simplified traffic channel

To channel traffic to all entities, customers do not need to connect to each entity.

4. Improve sales performance

Accelerate time to market

5. Simple settlement scheme

Customers simply settle directly with Telkom

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