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OverviewSpecific Content Connectivity (SCC) by Telkom is an interconnection service for NeuCentrIX customers. SCC enables companies to access specific contents through the CDN Telkom community
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Get to Know About Specific Content Connectivity (SCC)

Specific Content Connectivity (SCC) services at Telkom can provide specific access to CDN and peering that have a partnership with Telkom. SCC has direct channel connectivity to Global and Domestic content so as to ensure good internet service quality and optimal bandwidth utilization.

Therefore, improve your customers' customer experience in accessing top global and domestic content through Telkom CDN communities spread across more than 30 locations in Indonesia.


What is Specific Content Connectivity (SCC)?

With the Specific Content Connectivity (SCC) service, users can enjoy traffic interconnection solutions to the Content Delivery Network (CDN) in a large bandwidth capacity. Specific Content Connectivity (SCC) provides a solution for customers who want to have a direct connection to CDN with bandwidth capacity starting from 100 Mbps.

In addition, with Specific Content Connectivity (SCC), customers can optimize their user experience by accelerating content delivery through a reliable and efficient network.


Specific Content Connectivity SCC Service for Industries

  1. A wholesale / OLO company that has a Telecommunication Operator, ISP and NAP license. They can bring or have ASN belonging to another network (company)
  2. Companies that are collocated in NeuCentrIX
  3. Wholesale / OLO company that will sell bandwidth to customers

Benefits of Specific Content Connectivity (SCC)

  1. Specific Content Connectivity (SCC) provides a connection to CDN with reliable network performance and affordable prices
  2. Specific Content Connectivity (SCC) enables customers to connect directly to a CDN with a large bandwidth capacity, starting from 100 Mbps
  3. Specific Content Connectivity (SCC) is an interconnection solution for traffic to CDN in large capacities. The Specific Content Connectivity service is expected to provide a solution for customers who want to have a direct connection to the CDN with large bandwidth capacities, starting from 100 Mbps.

Specific Content Connectivity (SCC) Services


Google Global Cache

Special access to Google Global Cache CDN contents, including Google search engine and platforms; Youtube, Blogspot, and many others


Akamai CDN

Special access to Akamai CDN as a CDN that provides various content from numerous Global and Domestic Content Providers


Facebook CDN

Special access to Facebook CDN content including Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp


Game Publisher and Other CDN

Find various Games from the Telkom CDN community based on your business focus

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