VPN IP Business

VPN IP Business : Data Security & Performance Reporting.

OverviewVPN IP Telkom is specially designed for your business security. You can keep confidential data only for authorized people or employees.

VPN Internet for a Better Security and Privacy in Any Network

We provide all-in-one integrated service VPN using CE devices that can connect to all MPLS network throughout Indonesia with end-to-end SLG guarantees, data security, reliability, end-to-end monitoring system, and performance reporting

VPN Internet for a Better Security and Privacy in Any Network

  1. Dual Homing feature
  2. Mobile Backup feature
  3. Add-On Service Features (Custom Dynamic Routing Features, Number of Prefixes, Access List (ACL), Network Time Protocol, DHCP, Network Access Translation (NAT), and VLAN Number Preservation)

VPN IP Bisnis Features

High availability topology, end-to-end SLG guarantee

High reliability, with the network's ability to detect and recover disruptions without affecting customers

Redundancy service, backup VPN IP service with 3G / 4G mobile technology (via GSM public data packet)

End-to-end managed service monitoring, reporting, diagnosis, and centralized network management

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