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Voice & Call Center

Supporting your voice business growth with our comprehensive & tailored services. Our portofolio accomodates domestic interconnection via direct/transit voice services, international voice services, as well as call center providers.

Your Leading Voice Gateway

High availabilty and guaranteed quality access to all domestic voice operators & international voice gateway. Our leading voice configurations are designed while keeping our customers in mind, providing a simplified approach and flexible business scheme.

Domestic Interconnect

Voice communication between Telkom and local network providers as well as voice communication between local network provider thru Telkom 's network

Call Center

IP Telephony platform for domestic call centers

International Toll Free Service (ITFS)

Single Access Call Center Number (0803-X-XXXXXX) for free international calls.

International Call

Voice communication between local customer network providers and global customer network providers


IP Telephony platform for public services

Outbond Call Masking

Single Access Call Center Number (140XY & 1500XYZ) for outbound calls

Calling Card

IP Telephony platform for online phone cards

Access Code (Intelligent Numbering)

Single Access Call Center Number (1XY, 140XY, 150XYZ, 1500XYZ, 0800-1-XXXXXX, 0809-1-XXXXXX, 0804-1-XXXXXX, 0806-1-XXXXXX, 0807-1-XXXXXX) for inbound calls

Insight Voice & Call Center

Telkom DWS in World AI Show 2020

Telkom DWS in World AI Show 2020

On 9 July 2020, Telkom DWS participated in World AI Show 2020, which was held virtually, in lieu of an in-person event.

Understand Your Customer More with SMS A2P

Understand Your Customer More with SMS A2P

Today, businesses use a wide range of methods and technology to interact with customers. From phone systems to personalized emails, companies aim to create a seamless experience and deliver the best customer services.

SMS A2P: Past, Present, and Future

SMS A2P: Past, Present, and Future

Since the very first SMS sent in 1992, the adaptability of this technology has led to a remarkable evolution to a smart and truly modern messaging service.

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