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25 June 2024

Secure Your Company's Network System with Netmonk Monitoring

As a businessperson, you undoubtedly have data and network systems that support your business processes. So, how can you ensure that your servers and networks do not encounter any issues? You certainly need tools that operate automatically. Well, this can be achieved by monitoring the company's network servers. There are many advantages to properly monitoring servers, some of which include server resource management. One common issue encountered is limited storage space (disk space). As the number of applications on computers increases, the demand for space also increases proportionally. This necessitates increasing capacity before issues arise. Additionally, concerning CPU usage beyond capacity, continuous CPU usage without maintenance consideration can lead to problems such as slow access, malware, and memory leaks.

Therefore, Netmonk is here to provide a solution to potential server and network issues in your company. What will you get when subscribing to Netmonk?

  1. One tool, all purposes

Having 3 modules within 1 application undoubtedly facilitates management in efficiently running the business and enables the IT team to execute its operations.

  1. Automated Reporting

Speeds up and simplifies report generation, requiring only one click according to the desired period.

  1. Proactive & Predictive Maintenance 

Features predictive maintenance across all modules and predictive maintenance features within the networking monitoring module.

Netmonk serves as a consistent practice of monitoring computer networks and detecting network performance in companies to ensure better functionality. Achieve a stable network for your company by using Netmonk. Use Netmonk now for secure networks and convenient network monitoring from anywhere.

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