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04 November 2021

How The Internet of Things is Facilitating Healthcare

The face of public healthcare after Covid19 has been revolutionized forever. All the pressure and elevated expectations from the public creates new demands and the vital needs for service excellence, 24/7. Let’s consider more about the future of IoT in healthcare!

Both onsite healthcare and remote healthcare - or, most popularly called telemedicine - face a surge these days. 

IoT or Internet of Things is definitely the future of healthcare, should a premise want to stay relevant to the future of this industry. Are you still clueless, how IoT can be applied in hospitals, for example? 

Both patients and health professionals these days are already familiar with hospitals or clinics operating using smart devices. 

All the usage of these devices are aimed to provide seamless and always on health service. From wearable devices to track patients vital signs outside the clinic or implanted ones  cardiac pacemakers, implantable neurostimulator systems, glucose monitors - technologies are here to drive healthcare forward.

Outside some smart devices mentioned before, healthcare premises can also optimize their services through a more comprehensive adoption of IoT. 

One of the examples is through the adoption of electronic health records (EHR). With EHR, not only does it lessen the risk of human error, patients will also enjoy more efficient waiting time, accurate diagnosis, and no more of that mundane queueing in pharmacists. 

They have basically felt uneasy spending lots of time in hospital or clinic after the pandemic, so through more efficient service provided by IoT, they will walk out of your place feeling rest assured and satisfied. 

In the management side, EHR’s backend provides convenient data visualisation of the clinic/hospital performance, to give insight before taking strategic decisions. 

For the health professionals such as nurses and doctors, EHR platforms also give them more effectiveness in working and can save them from exhaustion.

How about the security aspect? Utilizing IoT in your medical business does not mean exposing patients to data leak, because professional service providers will give you utmost protection in terms of data security, while at the same time, diminish you from the risk of losing paper-based health records should an incident happen - such as fire or flooding. 

On the other hand, we should not forget the telemedicine service that has made care delivery more dynamic and patient-centered. 

The tech-savvy telemedicine practice will give satisfactory results, in which patients enjoy fewer unnecessary visits to the hospital and better diagnosis for treatment and prevention, thanks to the efficient data collection and management. 

Regardless of a patient’s location or condition, you can always be present for them to serve with best medical decisions.

During the age of social distancing measures and the constantly wary feeling, your brand of professional services can stay present and connected to your loyal clients through IoT. 

That way, they will always remember your brand as the reliable one during these unprecedented times - and they will trust you further into the future. It is what will differentiate one healthcare business from another. 

So, are your healthcare premises ready to develop your business into the future? Don’t forget to incorporate technology as the key in your strategic decisions. 

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