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28 October 2021

Grow Your Business with Omni Channel Communication Strategy

Businesses are oriented to the customer because they aim to service them. From the customers, businessmen can improve their products and services to solve what customers want. 

Listening to the customers is not only about improving your products or services, but about every aspect of your business. 

That’s why customer service or customer experience is critical to brand’s and businesses’ long term success.

We know customer service can be done through phones, email, social media, and websites. More than that, we can utilize omnichannel communication to engage with the customer. 

Engaging with the customer is not only about receiving their complaints and critics, but about maintaining them to keep their loyalty to your brand.

Omni communication assistant or OCA is an integrated communication between the customers and your business. To communicate with the customers, the company can use many platforms such as phone, SMS, email, website, or texting application with internet based. 

With these platforms, we can see OCA is the same thing with CPaaS or communication platform as a service. We use these platforms to communicate and gather customer information.

Talking about omnichannel communication, we should know it has differences with multi channel communication. Both of them use many platforms to communicate with the customers. 

Multi channel communication does not have integrations from one platform to another. It's different with omnichannel communication. Even omnichannel communication using various platforms, all of the platforms have integrations and gather the customer’s journey to communicate or shop at our store. 

The integration of omnichannel communication does not happen on the internet but when they communicate or shop at our physical store.

Omnichannel communication can work if you have the strategy. omnichannel communication strategy including how you can define what tools that your customers use to communicate. 

With these data, you can have a presence in these platforms to reach them. It might be on mobile phones, text applications like WhatsApp, Telegram, and Line, or websites. 

The data from these various channels can describe your consument and can be an insight for your business to them. You can personalize promotions too based on your customers’ profile.

Utilizing omni communication assistants can increase your business income and give some benefits to your business. Here, some benefits of omni communication assistant for your business,

1. Get Customers’ Data

Understanding the customer is a critical thing. To know and understand them, you need to have some information about them. 

With the omni communication assistant, you can have customers’ data and know how to serve them well. These data can be insight for your business too, to improve.

2. Maintain Your Customer

Making customer experience well can make them loyal to your business. Sometimes, they can stay with you not because of your products, but how you service them and how they feel, you know them exactly. The loyal customers are important for your business and keep them to be part of your business.

3. Insight for Business Data

Data is important nowadays, especially in business. It is because you can make the decision wisely based on that. 

You can make something that you know is needed by customers. It can reduce cost to make a prototype or make trial and error according to your new products or services.

4. Save Operational Cost

Utilizing omni communication assistant is about utilizing technology to communicate with customers. It can reduce human error and your customers can reach you everytime. 

With these schema, you can reduce operational cost for customer services that must be ready 24/7. Your customer service can work in the work hour and maintain the tools and data, and the system can work for you.

5. Spreading the promotion easily

Omni communication assistant can be your omnichannel marketing communication. Not only to receive their message, you remind them or spread the news only without chatting with them one by one about your business updates. It might be your promotions, new products, new campaigns, give away, etc.

Digital era is more growing, now including how people communicate with each other. An Omni communication assistant can be your choice to maintain your customer. 

We have OCA as the solution for you to have an omni communication assistant for your business.

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