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20 June 2024

Benefits of Digital Monitoring for Peaceful Holidays

For most people, especially those who work in companies, holidays are eagerly awaited moments. However, not all professions can fully experience holidays, one of which is network engineers or IT professionals who have to monitor network devices 24/7 in front of a screen. So, if there are network devices that are down or offline, network IT professionals will fix them. That used to be the old or manual way. Now, in this digital era, is the old or manual way still being used? For business owners who understand the importance of digitization, this is seen as inefficient, prompting a shift to digital monitoring.

What is digital monitoring? Digital monitoring or digital monitoring tools are software and platforms designed to provide real-time monitoring, analysis, and reporting capabilities across various digital activities. These tools encompass a range of features and functions that allow users to monitor and manage information related to the performance of various digital elements, such as websites, social media, and marketing campaigns. So what are the benefits of digital monitoring?

  1. Increased network visibility in real-time
  2. Early problem detection
  3. Notification or alerts
  4. Regular downloadable reports
  5. Optimization of network performance

This network monitoring will be very beneficial and easy if the tool selection is done correctly according to the needs of the company. Because you have to consider tools that can provide the 5 benefits mentioned above to support network monitoring activities in your company. Therefore, Telkom is here to provide a network monitoring solution that can help smooth the business operations of your company, namely Netmonk. 

What is Netmonk? Well, Netmonk is a network monitoring tool that can monitor network health in real-time, thus detecting network failures. The better your company is at network monitoring, the less the losses due to network failures such as loss of revenue, customers, and employee productivity can be minimized. Imagine the extent of the losses a company could suffer if it fails to detect its network issues. So, what are you waiting for? Use Netmonk now.

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