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28 October 2021

The Advantages of Using Telkom Wholesale TV Box

The age of the internet gives us many opportunities, both in our personal life or business world.  It can make us more productive and we can get entertainment from that too. 

Some of the interesting content that most people consume is video content and video games. We can easily find the phenomenon within a community of K-Pop fans, Korean drama lovers, and the gamer community.

The video that we consume is not only content that we can get from Youtube, WhatsApp broadcast messages, or from many social media. Perhaps, our first encounter with video contents came from the theatre or television program. 

Nowadays, it has shifted to on-demands and digital TV, so we’re used to watching our preferred content in accordance with our time. Not only the local content of TV programs, now we can watch TV programs from another country.

The development of these videos on-demand is growing because almost everyone likes audiovisual content. With this insight, Telkom DWS launched a wholesale TV box to provide video content from many video channels for end-users and Internet Service Providers (ISP). 

Wholesale TV box is an OTT (over-the-top) based pay-TV service that provides you with many videos content from local channels, international channels, and many videos on-demand services like Netflix, Catchplay, Disney+ Hotstar, etc.

You can avoid boredom easily in your house and transform your ordinary television into a smart TV with a wholesale TV Box. Wholesale TV box can provide video games too. You can find many games to play with your partner or your friends.

Hoteliers, property managements (housing and apartments) to hospitals can also benefit from this technology to elevate their service to customers. 

That’s why as ISPs, you can utilize this service to embrace a wider target market and drive your business forward. So, it’s time to give more added values and grab more opportunities by tapping into hospitality, property managements (housing and apartments) to medical industries.

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